Did you know Aldous Huxley predicted the rise of the internet troll in 1952?

“There are many people for whom hate and rage pay a higher dividend of immediate satisfaction than love. Congenitally aggressive, they soon become adrenaline addicts, deliberately indulging their ugliest passions for the sake of the ‘kick’ they derive from their physically stimulated endocrines. Knowing that one self-assertion always ends by evoking other and hostile self-assertions, they sedulously cultivate their truculence. And, sure enough, very soon they find themselves in the thick of a fight. But a fight is what they most enjoy; for it is while they are fighting that their blood chemistry makes them feel most intensely themselves. ‘Feeling god,’ they naturally assume that they are good. Adrenaline addiction is rationalised as Righteous Indignation and finally, like the prophet Jonah, they are convinced, unshakeably, that they do well to be angry.”

– Aldous Huxley, The Devils of Loudun