I can be your hero, baby…

I write about comic books. This is something of a dream job for me, combining at it does what I love (comic books) with what I can do (write copy).

The main conduit over the last year, apart from my long-form interviews for the Judge Dredd Megazine, has been Comic Heroes. Although seemingly pricey on the newsstand, there’s nowhere else that covers the length and breadth of comicdom, with most pretenders over focusing on American superhero comics and ignoring the fact that the majority of comic book consumed in the world have no trace of spandex.

However, Comic Heroes has been available on Apple’s shiny new Newsstand app since it launched, but is now – for a limited time only – available for the bargain price of £1.49 an issue.

I’ve done so much stuff for Comic Heroes that it’s difficult to remember – I’ve interviewed Paul Cornell and Kelly Sue DeConnick, Guy Davies and Sean Phillips, Bryan Hitch and Rob Williams, Al Ewing and Warren Ellis. My interview with Alan Moore caused some waves, my piece on Archie Comics changed a lot of my preconceptions and writing the profile on Green Lantern’s history nearly drove me insane.

It’s a pretty meaty read for anyone interested in comics and £1.49 is an absolute steal!


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