Please buy my first ever ebook. It’s very good (and cheap)


Weird things to find yourself doing #1: writing a press release about something you wrote over the course of about five years.

As I’m sure followers of this blog are aware, since 2005 I’ve been interviewing artists and writers for the Judge Dredd Megazine. These meaty 5,000 word features go into a lot more detail than your normal comics journalism, attempting to get a better feel for what makes these creators tick.

My employers have now launched the first collection edition of my interviews, which features my three-part piece on Carlos Ezquerra, as well as Ron Smith, Pat Mills and Mick McMahon. These guys are, quite literally, legends – they created and defined much of what makes 2000 AD the fantastic read it is today, and as well as giving genuinely interesting insights into their work they’re also very decent chaps too.

This 35,000 word ebook-only edition is something of a steal at just £1.99 and, should it be successful, it may well spawn future collections of my interviews with other comic book luminaries.

The official press release:

Legends of the law: 2000 AD creator interview ebook launched

2000 AD has launched its first ebook collection of interviews with some of the biggest names in the comic book industry.

This first collection includes a three-part interview with the co-creator of Judge Dredd, Carlos Ezquerra, as well as pieces on the creator of 2000 AD, Pat Mills, and two of the artists who fundamentally defined the look of Dredd – Mick McMahon and Ron Smith.

In a new experiment for 2000 AD, the series is being made available in ebook format only – available through Amazon for just £1.99.

These long-form interviews from the monthly Judge Dredd Megazine are a unique insight into the life and work of seminal figures in British comics history, covering everything from their childhoods, to their time with 2000 AD and their work elsewhere. Later volumes will include interviews with more top flight talent from the world of Tharg.

“These interviews are one of the highlights of the Judge Dredd Megazine and give unprecedented insights into the creative minds behind 2000 AD and its characters,” said Matt Smith, editor of 2000 AD. “Nowhere else will you find this long-running series of long-form interviews, and these collections will allow fans to get an in depth look at the people who made 2000 AD what it is today.”

Please go and buy it. I thank you.


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