I’ll be taking part in a panel at FantasyCon this weekend, God help ’em…

Yes, you heard me right. And no, I don’t mean I’ll be in the audience.

Thanks to my … ooooooh, seven months of experience in the book marketing industry, I’ll be providing undoubtfully canny insights and incredibly witty asides at this weekend’s FantasyCon in Brighton.

The British Fantasy Society’s annual event will feature some of the top names in SF/fantasy writing, as well as editors, bloggers, assorted tea ladies and …. well, me.

Here’re the details if you’re attending and fancy coming along:

Sunday 10:00 – 11:00 am    HOW TO MARKET YOUR NOVEL/BOOK (Fitzherbert Room): Ian Whates (NewCon), Mike Molcher (Abaddon/Solaris), Jon Weir (Gollancz) Colleen Anderson (ChiZine), Gary McMahon (mod.)

Slightly loftier company than I’m used to.

And I make no guarantees about the stability of my mental state on a Sunday morning after a Saturday evening spent in the bar.


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