Pimpage: Simon Fraser interview


Lest you think I have been relaxing after the marathon Ezquerra-fest, you’ll be positively delighted to discover that I’ve been beavering away at the ol’ tippity-tappity thing, giving birth to word babies that crawl inside your brains and give you poo-ey thought nappies  …

This week alone sees the unleashing, UNLEASHING I say, of Judge Dredd Megazine 304, which includes my interview feature with Simon Fraser, the drawing man behind 2000 AD‘s Nikolai Dante.

I must say that this is favourite bit:

“For one strip [former 2000 AD editor David Bishop] asked me for black and white – he had three different artists doing three different time frames within the story, with one colourist doing the whole thing. The three artists were me, Duke Mighten and Rob McCallum – three very different styles and there was no way that one guy colouring it would unify it, but that’s what he wanted to do.

‘I was being a bit of a dick and didn’t really want anyone else to colour mine so I did the artwork in such a way that is was impossible for anyone else to colour it – all holding lines and very narrow kind of flare lines; basically, it looked like a stained glass panel without any stained glass in it.

‘David Bishop told me afterwards that he went round all the colourists he knew and they all said they couldn’t do it. My phone rang, I picked up it up and said hello, and all I heard was “you bastard”.’



2 thoughts on “Pimpage: Simon Fraser interview

  1. Can I strenuously emphasise that this was a VERY dumbass move on my part and ANY other Editor would have told me to go F$%#@ myself and would have been quite right to do so. So please nobody try this then blame me for the consequences.

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