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Today marks the end of a significant endeavour on my part: Judge Dredd Megazine 302 hits newsstands, along with the last chunk of my epic interview with Carlos Ezquerra …

15,000 words may not sound like much, but it’s been a hell of an undertaking for me and looking back on all three parts it will stand out as something I’m most proud of. It’s not the best written of my stuff (in my humble opinion, naturally) but it is the most extensive and the most in-depth. Considering that he’s not only been churning out pages left right and centre while answering my, often repetitive, questions – he’s also overcome a cancer diagnosis and major surgery. The feature also includes a page of tributes from some of British comics’ top people, showing you just how deeply Carlos is held in the affections of an entire industry. As former 2000 AD-editor Andy Diggle says: “There’s an old saying about how to get work in comics – “Good, Fast, Likeable: Pick Two.” Carlos is all three.”

I hope these features have done the man, and the legend, of Carlos Ezquerra some justice … and I recommend that you buy them.



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