PIMPAGE: Cutting it a bit fine

Could so easily describe my tendency with deadlines…

Issue 301 of the Judge Dredd Megazine hits newsstands and all good magazine retailers today, containing amongst other things part two of my interview with Carlos Ezquerra. At 15,000 words in total, these features probably represent the biggest single writing endeavour of my life (if you exclude that crappy half-finished book that’s thankfully confined to my busted PC’s hard drive). This episode focuses on his early work, and how he found himself moving from the ramblas of Barcelona to the suburbs of Croydon – artist and comic book historian David Roach was a massive help, digging up some really nice examples of Carlos’ work from the very beginning of his career.

While I’m sure you’ll agree that my fascinating insights are more than enough reason to pick this issue up, there’s also some cracking Neil Googe and Boo Cook artwork to savour… 


Part three next month, which I finished writing on Monday. So yeah, cutting it a bit fine.


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