Talking to Carlos Ezquerra


Last October I had the very great privilege of meeting one of the most important people in the entire comic book industry. Carlos Ezquerra is responsible for helping create – along with writer John Wagner – two of the most iconic characters in British comics: futuristic facist lawman Judge Dredd and mutated bounty hunter Johnny Alpha for 2000 AD.

The first installment of my interview with him has now been published in Issue 300 of the Judge Dredd Megazine. We kick off with his thoughts on Strontium Dog and working with his own son.

It was fantastic to sit on his balcony overlooking the golf courses and sierra skyline of Marbella – his home for half the year – and chat about his career and his life, as he puffed away on cigarillos and we drank a rather refreshing red wine/lemonade mix whose name I apparantly mis-spelled… There’ll be no more cigarillos though, as he has thankfully just survived a brush with lung cancer.

This is just part one of a three part interview – in the next issue, he talks about his early work, which the vast majority of 2000 AD readers will never have seen before.

(It was an awesome trip – my Spanish-speaking mate mate Oliver Redding and I skipped off to Iberia for a week of tapas, beer and interviewing. We also headed up to Valladolid to chat to Jesus Redondo, the product of which appeared in issue 296)




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