I recommend that you buy this product or service


I suck at pimping my own writing sometimes. Other times I do too much.

This is not one of the latter.

But if you haven’t already, then I’d suggest you buy a copy of Comic Heroes #2, which has been out for a week and a bit.

Selfishly, the main reason I would give for buying it would be my huge ten-page interview with Alan Moore, in which the hairy bard of Northampton doesn’t hold back in his views of the comic book industry. Now THAT was an interview and a half! (please note: this isn’t the “*final ever* interview he’s giving on the subject of comics”, sorry).

There’s also my retrospective look at 2000 AD’s Nemesis the Warlock: The Gothic Empire, including interviews with Bryan Talbot and Pat Mills. My personal favourite was the subsequent storyline, The Revenge of Thoth, by the same team, but this was still great stuff.

Other people contributed too, hard as that may be to imagine – there’s stuff on Captain America, who is due to get his own film soon, a history of British humour comics that I must get round to reading, a chat with Mike Mignola, and Rob William’s illuminating How To Write For Comics feature.

And it’s got a cool Hellboy BPRD sew-on patch, which I’m now looking for a t-shirt to sew it to.

Order it here: http://www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk/film/comic-heroes/2/?gclid=CMTJ3paNu6IC…


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